Welcome to My World

I will be travelling mid October to the East Coast and will be unavailable for in person sessions for about a month. Get yourself scheduled before I leave. Space is limited and you don’t want to miss out.

“Life-styler” turned Professional

You will never forget the intensity my experience creates for us in session!  Come find yourself —ALL of yourself — in your submission to me.  Power exchange relationships energize me.  I know how to find your submissive energy, discover your deepest desires, and then take control to set you free of all restrictions except your obedience to me. 

You could find me being sensual or strict, playfully teasing you or being sadistic and humiliating, all within minutes.  I have the ability to adjust my approach, so you experience everything that submission has to offer. You are my new toy, and all your deepest, most extreme fantasies can come true with me.