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My Best Life Ever

Sept 23, 2022: Birthday Shenanigans: It’s my special slave’s birthday today. Let the fun begin.

Sept 13, 2022: Upcoming Out of Town – I will be travelling mid October to the East Coast and will be unavailable for in person sessions for about a month. Get yourself scheduled before I leave. Space is limited and you don’t want to miss out.

Sept 13, 2022: Double the Fun – One of my little sluts wanted a session with myself and Ms. Julie. That was definitely double the trouble for him.

Sept 9, 2022: Hectic Week – Its been a crazy, not so fun-filled week. Taught a class for the local FemDom group. Now its time for relaxation and pampering.

Sept 3, 2022: Wrestling – Just had a wonderful scene with a local submissive. I wrestled him into submission.

Aug 31, 2022: Delightful Session – A highly erotic sensual domination scene.

Aug 29, 2022: Rejuvenated – Spent time by the lake. Took the kayak across and down the lake to a nice secluded spot and did some sunbathing. Connecting with nature feeds My soul.

Aug 26, 2022: Wiped – It was such a good time In addition to kinky fun, I got some kinky education.

Aug 22, 2022: Chicago – I am here for a week. Looking forward to a fun, kinky week.

Aug 21, 2022: After glow – I negotiated a scene with a young man whom I had previously met. I had a glorious time beating him. Gonna have to post a Musing soon about it, I enjoyed it so much.

Aug 20, 2022: Party – Going to a private kink party tonight. I love these days. Full of pampering Myself and exciting thoughts all day long.

Aug 15, 2022: The Lake – Home again from another wonderful weekend getaway. This time, the lake. I love the secluded spots you find to be free and one with nature.

Aug 8, 2022: RMR – I’ve just accepted an invitation to teach at Rocky Mountain Rebellion: Reawakening in November. Let the planning begin.

Aug 6, 2022: A Full Day’s Fun – Full day of pampering, professional lashes and manicure/pedicure, full body exfoliation by a very talented slave, topped off by a wonderful meal, prepared and served by a slave-in-training. Then of course I had to do some training of the slave-in-training. Edging, tease and denial. Culminating in an explosive well-earned orgasm.

Aug 1, 2022: Fire Cupping – Had a very fun session helping someone explore fire cupping and play. Yeah for new kinks.

July 28th, 2022: Kinky Camping – Heading out for the weekend for a fun kink filled camping trip. Love hearing the crack of My whip in the mountains.

July 27th, 2022: Sensual Domination – Had a wonderful time teasing and denying a new good boy. What fun I had.