Welcome to My World

Double Domme Time

We had discussion about doing a session with Myself and Ms Julie.  I told him explicitly that he must be on his best behavior so as not to embarrass Me.  The day arrived.  I had just told Ms Julie what a good little slut he was and then he goes and arrives early.  I made him stand in the stood in the corner until it was 11am sharp.  I then ordered him down to the couch, we made small talk.  He apologized for being early but said he was just too excited.  Once We were ready, I ordered him to strip.  He was wearing the prettiest purple bra, panties and stockings.  The color choice was all to appeal to Ms Julie as I told him purple was Her favorite color.

I inspected his dress and made some minor adjustments.  Each time he improves and there is less and less to do.  I collared him.  Since he was late, I decided he needed some immediate punishment, right there in the living room I bent him over My knee.  His head lay in Ms Julie’s lap while I spanked his little butt till it was sufficiently red.  His little ass got more paddling in the spanking room.  Ms Julie spanked while I teased his nipples.  He was in heaven but also realized just how much trouble he had gotten himself into.

We moved into the main room and once We had him fully restrained and unable to move, tickle torture time began.  It was an activity that both Ms Julie and I enjoyed immensely.  Moved on to nipple play and adding the hitachi to the mix just was more than he could handle.  His orgasm was intense and unexpected so early in the session.  But continued on We did.  He did do so well, that I decided to let him see and kiss My cock.  Then I rammed it down his throat while his ass was getting used as well.  We tortured him mercilessly, having all kinds of fun using that little slut for what he’s good for.  His ass was so well used he couldn’t take any more.  By the time We had finished using him he could barely stand.  He was a well-used slut covered in lube and cum, like a good little slut should be. 

Lovely blue panties

I could tell he was nervous. It was our first time together. We chatted for a bit and then once all our questions were answered we began. First order of business, take off all those clothes. Such an obedient boy. I picked the blue panties for him as they contrasted so well with his lovely brown skin. They fit like they were made for him.

I showed him all the rooms in the dungeon, showing him the spanking room last as that’s where we would start. Kneeling on the floor, legs spread, I began to caress his body with my stockinged legs. Using my hands to explore his body, hearing his moans. I sat on the couch and had him worship my feet. Kissing, toe sucking, Me shoving my foot in his mouth. Needless to say we were both quite worked up. I had him take a seat next to me and took off one of my thigh highs and put in it on him. I caressed his stockinged leg with mine. Glorious.

A lovely hands on experience

We sat on the couch and explored the various options available to us. I was glad to find so many areas to choose from that we could create a scene from. He was clearly excited to play and so open to ideas and thoughts that I had. He evoked the primal in Me so much but it was our first session together and he is fairly new to kink, so we negotiated a simple beating. I wanted so, so much more, the visions that went through My head, back down to reality with a new partner…okay…prep, prep, prep. I cleaned the massage table, set out the rope to tie his cuffed hands to, got out the straps and cuffs and the scratchy nails…YUM. I was done preparing.

He approached and undressed. I put the cuffs on and then told him to lie face down on the massage table. I linked the cuffs together and then tied them above his head to the table. I kneaded his body gently, warming him up. Getting harder as I went, grabbing his thighs, squeezing. I start to hit. Gentle punches up the back, on his thighs, his butt, cute little butt that it was. Slapping, punching, hard kneading, scratching. My nails are hard and they like digging in skin. It was glorious. I turned him over and beat his chest so much. He let Me hit him hard. I enjoyed beating that boy. I bit him all over.

I love all types of impact play, but getting My hands on someone is My favorite way to play. And getting My hands on someone that enjoys Me beating them like that is incredible. What an amazing scene we had. I can’t wait until our next time.

Bathroom Use Control

What a fun day!  This started last night, I ordered My submissive into a diaper telling him he would only be allowed to remove it in the morning, for showering, after he has emptied his bladder into it.  In the morning I wake to a text and a picture of a full diaper as expected.   He’s working from home today so the fun is just beginning.  Clean diaper on and now must pee on command.  He can ask for permission if necessary. 

A couple of hours go by, I tell him to pee, in the diaper.  He does and sends Me a picture.  I am pleased.  He is drinking his water well.  A little while later and he asks permission to number 2 in the toilet.  Permission granted. I receive My picture.  Pee again boy, in the diaper.  He does and another picture to prove it.  Keep drinking your water I tell him.  We meet.  He asks for permission to pee.  Permission granted as I watch.  He drinks plenty of water. 

I collar and cuff him and strap him down on the bed.  Using multiple fun toys and methods I tease him terribly, but denial is the game here too.  Almost to orgasm 3 times.  So much fun.  I then order him into the shower.  I tell him he is going to pee all over himself, I close the see through curtain. I tell him to aim down and make sure you cover your thighs, feet, legs, everywhere you can.  I tell him to begin and watch as pee starts running down his leg.  It’s a long lasting pee.  His lower body is soaked. Shower I tell him, you smell like piss!


Sounds…they are lovely! I saw my first sounding session at a play party and thought instantly “oh shit”! I walked into a room where a Domme and her sub were setting up for some type of scene. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. They were excitedly sharing secret grins and looked so energized that I decided to take a seat on the couch. I didn’t want to miss out on what she had in mind for him.

She arranged her tools on a counter on the other side of the massage table, so I didn’t get to see the equipment she was bringing out. Eventually she ordered him up onto the massage table face up. She began lightly teasing his nipples, balls, and cock. I was thinking this was going to be an ordinary CBT scene….but I was in for a pleasant shock. Once his cock was semi-hard, she picked up the first sound and I saw one for the first time. As I was still uncertain what she had in mind given my lack of experience, I thought she might be going to hit his cock and balls with it. Even as She lubed it up, I switched through some thoughts including “ that’s a skinny stick to be shoving up his ass, but okay.” Now she took lube and squirted some directly onto the head of his cock. NOW She had my complete and close attention. She slid the tip of the metal sound into his urethra and kept steadily pushing more of the sound down his hole. And WOW…OH SHIT… was all I could think!!!

She kept sliding it further and further in until it was ¾’s on the way inside his cock. As she pulled the sound out and immediately pushed it back down I had a naughty epiphany…She is fucking his cock. That Domme is fucking her submissive’s cock! How amazing!!!


I met a girl, check.  I liked the girl, check.  The girl liked humiliation and degradation (H&D), check, check, check!  I had never had a partner that expressed an interest in this type of play before so I was super excited for the possibilities.   After finishing My due diligence (as this is vitally important to Me for this type of play) I found her desire for this play to be acceptable.  She gave Me only one area of life that I cannot use for H&D play and of course I respect that boundary completely.

Let the play begin!  To begin our H&D play, I mostly worked around her performance as My submissive and her kinks.  Generally, she is a good submissive and puts forth a heartfelt effort into the tasks/chores she does for Me.  But the times that she fails or forgets something are the best of times for Me to enjoy this kind of play.  I will exaggerate the impact of what she forgot or failed to do properly to the point where she is lowering her head, hiding her eyes…shamed at her own performance.  We are always taught not to kink-shame people yet with her that is not the case.  Like Me, she has some highly unusual kinks and loves it when I exploit that using H&D. 

A couple of my favorite play scenes with her happened when I wasn’t even at the party.  I was out of town on vacation.  I signed her up to provide service to an event (a dinner and then a play party).  Her reward was supposed to be a solo masturbation scene in a private room with Me on the phone talking to her.  But she made the mistake of being 3 minutes late!  I saw opportunity knocking and I ordered her into the room making her set everything up.  Once she was undressed, I ordered her to go into the social area of the dungeon and walk around the pool table 3 times while saying “I’ve been a bad girl and I will not be late again”.  She then was told to go into a smaller private room but to leave the door open and start masturbating.  She was making all these wonderful sounds and I continued to tell her I couldn’t hear her until everyone else in the dungeon was hearing her every moan.  She did reach orgasm, just not as privately as was planned.  Another time I had her wear a spider gag and told her she could not swallow.  She had to walk around the party with a mouth full of spit and a washrag.  Each time she indicated to Me that she couldn’t keep her spit in her mouth longer, I would call over someone (pre-arranged with different people) and we would watch as she drooled into the washrag.  We laughed, we were disgusted, and a great time was had by all of us! 


I like to own things.  And what’s the best way to make them feel owned?  My choice is pegging.  My pet loves the feel of My cock going up his ass.  He moves into such a submissive state when I peg him, opening up his legs as I pick up the pace.   Fucking My pet is one of my favorite ways to remind him who’s the boss.  If ever I need a pick Me up, pegging does it for Me.  Fucking someone’s tight little asshole, or gaping one wider and wider for that matter, gives Me; the all-powerful feeling that they are MINE.  That thing is Mine to do with as I want, and not just the ass, but their entire being becomes Mine.  I like My cock.  I like stroking it, I like others stroking it, licking it, sucking it.  I love using My cock to fuck their face, make them gag, tears coming to their eyes as I ram My cock down their throat.  When I am bending them over the furniture, sliding My cock in, hearing them gasp, hearing them moan as I start plunging My cock in and out of their ass, feeling them squirm with delight despite their yelps and cries as they adjust to My thrusts.  I keep fucking them until I tire of it, which isn’t always the same timeframe they want!  When I am finished, then they are undeniably MINE. 

An Epiphany

After 10+ years in the lifestyle, I’ve finally decided to put my love of BDSM play and the knowledge I have acquired into professional work. Why?  Because I love BDSM play and relish the opportunity to find new submissives (both to Me and to BDSM) and help them explore safely. 

Part of what I love about BDSM is the intimate connections that are made with your partners.  You are able to explore things most people want to explore but never take the opportunity to do.  I bring that same passion and enthusiasm to My professional scenes.  Is it real?  you may ask.  Absolutely, and I remember when I had the epiphany that it could be both real and done as a professional.  I was doing a favor for a friend.  It was My first play session with someone that wasn’t my partner or going to be a partner in the near future.  He was a partner of one of My closest friends and while we had met several times we were truly acquaintances.  She asked Me to top him for a particular type of play that she doesn’t do.  After the appropriate discussions and negotiations, I agreed.  We played and the scene was intensely satisfying.  I then passed him back to My friend for aftercare.  It was only after that scene, only after playing with someone and being able to have that connection with them, and then passing them back that I realized I didn’t have to own everything I played with.  And after that came the realization that Professional Domme work could be something I do.  That scene from over seven years ago remains one of the pivotal moments in My career.